It’s the Monaco way.



Day in. Day out.


Our mantra. Our philosophy.

Our statement of intent.


AS Monaco’s fighting spirit has been proven time and time again.


No matter how big the challenge or how long the odds, we rise as one, united in our ambition and destiny.


Each day we lift our heads to the horizon and open ourselves to the opportunities that lay ahead.


Yesterday is gone and the power and potential of today is what matters most.


If the 2 square kilometers of the
Principality are home to one of the
greatest achievements in French football,
it is undoubtedly because we have often placed willingness to take risks and audacity at the heart of our actions.



In football as in life, if you don’t shoot,
you don’t score; we roll the dice and
have the guts to try new things and
explore new ways.


We never give up. It’s not in our DNA.


We relentlessly embrace the risks needed
to win big.


We have an unshakable belief in daring reinvention that drives us forward again
and again.


As the only club to have won at least one title in each of the last six decades, we have rigorously observed the very essence of sport: Reinventing and surpassing ourselves.


We may have a bad day, things might not go our way, but our spirit is never broken.


Win, lose or draw, we rise to our feet and move forward once more.